We are so grateful for finding Miss Karen and her team to look after our son. She cares so much about the children and their well-being. They went above and beyond dealing with Covid, and we couldn’t be happier.


Our 3 years old son joined Joyful kids for 8 months already, his transformation is very significant!

He was a picky eater but now he eats so much better and can even finish a bowl of rice (along with different varieties of food in it) all by himself. He also has learned a lot, talks a lot, sings lots of different songs. Most importantly, he has learned a lot from the Bible, he was even able to say grace for the family before dinner.

All these things he can do now just amazes us! We are so grateful our son joined Joyful Kids! Thanks to all of the teachers!


Joyful Kids Learning Centre has been an amazing place for my son to grow and learn. In the past two years, he has learned so much, from daily routine and how to take care of himself like wearing jackets and putting on shoes, to learning alphabets, numbers, science and language, to understanding God’s creation.

I’m very thankful that my son was put in very good hands and all the teaching staff in this learning centre are very kind, creative, understanding and full of love.


今天刚有时间好好看看这些精彩的照片和视频,感动的要哭了!孩子们开心可爱的表演背后是老师们全心的付出和耐心的 教诲,好不容易!感谢上帝让我们进入到Joyful Kids这个充满爱和活力的大家庭,感谢Mrs Karen和三个可爱的小老师!在不到两年的时间里,我的孩子学到了丰富的知识,不论学术还是艺术还是品行方面,我也惊叹于老师们开发的教学方法和材料。

I just watched the amazing pictures from your link — I was moved to tears. The lovely performance of the children reflects the patience and efforts of the teachers. This is no easy task. I am very thankful that my child joined the lovely and lively family of Joyful Kids. We want to thank Ms. Karen and the other three teachers who have taught our children so much in academics, arts and behaviour in less than two years. I am indeed very impressed by the pedagogy and material the teachers used.


My daughter has been going to Joyful Kids since she was 3, and she has learned and grown so much all around. She went from being very shy and timid on day 1 to now very talkative, expressive and creative. She loves going to school now and enjoys playing and learning with her classmates.

Kudos to Ms. Karen and her team for teaching and taking care of my daughter. They have great lessons and games that teach the kids a variety of skills and knowledge (academic, social, and Bible-based) that help the kids develop in a well-rounded manner. They are also very caring and attentive towards their kids, as my daughter talks about them and her classmates fondly at home. I can see they bond really well as they spend a lot of time together.

I’m delighted to see my child growing up happily and advancing well throughout the years.

A. Fong

Our son joined Joyful Kids a few months ago and we have already noticed a difference.  He was very active and could not sit still in the previous daycare centre. After we switched to Joyful Kids, our son has started to follow instructions and has improved in many areas.  He is so happy and anticipates going to school everyday now.

We would like to give a big thanks to Ms. Karen for her experienced opinions and unconditional heart to teach children.  We would definitely recommend Joyful Kids to all parents who are looking for an experienced and good daycare centre.

A. Lee

I have witnessed how [my son] has changed from being a self-centred to a caring child.

He cares for other family members at home now. He shares his toys with his younger brother and occasionally, he’ll tell his mom if she’s tired, he’ll massage her back. He smiles a lot more at home. He has changed a lot since coming to the Centre.

I thank Joyful Kids and Ms. Karen, in particular, for her unreserved and loving efforts to take care of our son.



最后,在我们离开加国之前,祝愿 Joyful Kids 和 Miss Karen一切顺利,生活愉快!

E. Ho